These are some examples of projects we handled in the automation and robotics fields. Some were prototypes of products-to-be, some were production floor machines and some were very simple test jigs and plain mechanical devices. Whatever the size of the project, the idea is always the same - If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right.

Production floor machines

Bra shoulder-strap machine

2 Stepping motors and 25 pneumatic pistons drive this PC controlled machine to produce up to 1200 shoulder-straps an hour

Robotic cell for wire embedding

A large payload industrial robot using a smart tool to embed wire into plastic pipe fittings for electro-fusion

Coil winding machine

Multi axis coil winding, wire stripping and terminal crimping, at a rate of one product every 30 seconds

Product prototypes

Robotic arm for medical use

A small servo-driven 6-axis articulated arm robot prototype for use in surgery

Variable gear for wind turbines

Controlled by large stepping motors and smart software, this variable transmission is mechanically geared for high torque

Automatic bicycle hub-gear

A revolutionary and completely mechanical multi-speed automatic transmission prototype for bicycle use

Jigs and table-top machines

Bicycle hub-gear test jig

A servo-driven jig that monitors input speed vs. output speed to test gear shifting

Bracket assembly jig

A jig that allows assembly of brackets at precise angles on carbon fiber rims for wheelchairs

Membrane casting machine

An integrated stepper-drive with built-in software moves an adjustable blade at precise height over a glass plate

No job too little.... these are good examples of simple projects that are sometimes too small for big design firms to take. These often include straight-forward mechanics that get the job done, as prototypes or test jigs. Whatever the case, these are always treated as seriously as all other projects at MechaniCraft.

Spring loaded cable retractor

Aviation universal-joint test jig

Moving head using R/C servos



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